Beta Program

Our product "Nudge" for SaaS businesses and their users is currently in limited Beta stage. We are accepting free early adopter registrations to engage with and understand user feedback


What does Ylytic do?

Ylytic builds mobile-first analytics that makes it easier for businesses, their customers and teams to use data effectively for driving efficiency and growth.

Who are these products for?

SaaS product or service providers that have customer data but are not using it on priority can find Nudges very impactful. They can be used to enhance customer engagement, product usage, and get quicker feedback. Businesses can also use nudges for their internal customers for the same purpose

How long does it take to set-up?

The self-serve nudges can be set-up completely by you within minutes if you are using manual uploads (CSVs) or exposed API end points. If you have to integrate with databases (recommended), this can be done through our easy to embed code within a couple of hours by a technical member of your team. We also provide live support for this integration completely free of charge.

How will you protect/use my data?

We understand that your data is private and ensure it stays protected. We do not share your data with anyone except your intended recipients. Whenever we use any data for mining insights for our partners and their customers we use it in a completely anonymized form. In case you want us to explicitly share your data with your partners, we do that only after your explicit consent.

What is a Nudge? Is there any other product you offer?

'Nudge' is a simple mobile + email enabled data byte used to drive customer or team engagement and behavior change. It can be easily customized in terms of 'what data to show', 'who to show it to', and 'how frequently'. It is easy to self-set up and free if you want to use the starter pack. Nudge is the introductory Ylytic product. We also plan to introduce more products soon.

Which platforms, data sources do you integrate with?

We connect to most databases (MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL, BigQuery, Redshift), as well as any APIs (eg. Google Sheets, Salesforce, Shopify etc.).

What do I need to set-up? Are developers needed?

While our product is designed to be completely self serve when used with SaaS platforms which have APIs available (like Shopify). For integration with closed internal databases we provide free integration support and consulting.

Where do I need to be located to use Ylytic?

You can be located anywhere in the world to use our products. We are completely digital and accept payments in most currencies.

How can I delete my account?

We are very sorry to see you go. Please contact us at to request deletion of your account.